Did you know?

EPA said there are an estimated 450,000 abandoned and contaiminated waste sites throughout the country.


About Us

Founded in 1994, EWSI specializes in packaging, transportation and disposal of hazardous waste, asbestos, contaminated materials such as soil, water, sludge, PCB’s, recycling of universal waste and non-regulated waste streams that require special handling.

EWSI’s personnel have years of experience and knowledge relating directly to the waste industry.  We are trained in proper practices and procedures for

handling all waste streams.

EWSI has joined several organizations such as
US Women’s Chamber of Commerce (USWCC), D.C Metropolitan Subcontractors Association (DCMSA), Environmental Information Association (EIA) and Virginia Association of Hazardous Materials Response Specialists (VAHRMS).  We also participate in the E-Verify system through US Department of Homeland Security (DHS)


With a large network of transportation and disposal / treatment / recycling facilities we represent state-of-the-art treatment facilities engineered to meet or exceed Federal, State and Local permit requirements. Packaging and

transportation services are in accordance with DOT specifications concerning the safe transport of waste material.  EWSI and its facilities are fully insured, permitted and licensed to handle your waste management needs.


Over the last 15 years, EWSI has consistently provided the highest quality of environmental support to a wide range of clients through out the northeastern United States.  EWSI’s team has been chosen time and time again to provide waste management and disposal services by our clientele.


Our Mission

Public concern, building owners and their consultants, as well as Federal, State and Local government agencies demand and expect the highest degree of safety, compliance and assurance that all waste streams generated from a project not only be carefully removed but also transported and disposed / recycled in a manner to offer short and long term protection against possible claims or a disposal facility being named as a Superfund site.

EWSI has taken the time to thoroughly research EPA, DOT and all related regulations.  We continue to keep up with, and adhere to, strict procedures that encompass the asbestos, hazardous and universal waste transportation and disposal/ recycling industry by continuing to receive training and attending seminars and sessions directly related to this segment of the industry. 


We maintain on file, and submit to you, copies of all permits, insurance certificates and related information for your proper submittal and notification requirements. Careful selection of a transportation company and disposal / recycling facility is becoming an ever increasing critical element in performing projects from “start to finish”.  The decision is both time consuming and difficult.  Each day new legislation, restrictions and laws are being introduced and adapted.


EWSI can answer your questions and service you locally and nationwide.  Our management and staff are comprised of a highly skilled group of transportation and disposal / recycling facility experts.  EWSI believes there is no substitute for the wisdom, skill and knowledge that experience builds in a dedicated work force.


The potential for liability in the future can be staggering.  In order to help limit future liability, to the greatest extent possible, generators of waste should ensure that the practices of today will meet or exceed the scrutiny of tomorrow.

"You are a prime example of quality products and fantastic customer service."
Paul M., Contracting Officer

Right from the start, EWSI impressed us with their efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the enviromental results we were looking for. By partnering with EWSI, we have been able to consistently minimize our enviromental hazard exposure.

Gordy H., Safety Officer